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Two tales, Two Working Men & Hearing Loss

Susheel is a professor. He teaches several classes in a day, and spends the rest of his time having academic discussions with his peer group and his students. In the evenings, Susheel meets with his friends Pradeep and Kumar over a game of badminton. Pradeep is a software engineer, while Kumar is a businessman.

One evening, the three of them were having a discussion about their work. Susheel said that their university is conducting a health camp for people over 50 years of age. He invited Pradeep and Kumar to get themselves tested too. He said, “once we cross the age of 40, we should make sure that our body is healthy. We need to be careful of things like BP, sugar and cholesterol. For as long as we live, we need to live a healthy and independent life!”

His friends agreed and added that vision is important too.

So, on the day of the health camp, they all had a comprehensive health check up that involved the assessment of their blood pressure, BMI, vision and hearing among many other screening tests.